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Accommodation Providers
Accounting, Auditing, Tax & Vat Consultancy
Administration & Secretarial Services
Air Freight Services
Aircraft Finance, Advice & Assistance
Aircraft Registration
Airport, Airfield Operations, Air Traffic Services
Architecture & Interior Design (Marine)
Asset Holding Structures
Associations & Fora
Aviation Services
Banking Services
Barge Services
Berthing Services
Boat Agents
Boat Building & Repairs
Boat Canopies & Covers
Boat Fittings
Boat Haulage
Boat Lifting
Boat Rentals
Boat Storage
Boat Trailers
Boat Yards
Breathing Air Compressors & Maintenance
Bulk Fuel Supplier
Bunkering Services
Car Hire
Cargo Carriers
Cargo Handling Contractors
Cargo Handling Equipment
Cargo Superintendents
Cargo Surveyors
Carpet Cleaning
Carriage of Fuel by Land & Sea
Casualty & Loss Adjusting Services
Catering Services
Chartering Agents
Classification Societies
Cleaning Services
Clothing Suppliers
Company Formation & Liquidation
Compass Adjusters
Conference Facilities
Consolidation & Distritbuion
Container & Transport Operators
Container Repairs & Refurbishment
Container Storage
Container Terminal Facilities
Containers - Offshore
Conveyance Operators
Corporate Management
Corporate Services
Courier Services
Crane Services
Crew Certification
Crew Contracts
Cruise Liner Agents
Curtain Cleaning
Custom-made Molds
Customs Brokers / Agents
Destination Management Services
Direct Ship-to-Ship Transfer
Discharging / Loading Assistance to Vessels
DIstripark Facilities
Diving Supplies & Services
Docking & Slipping Facilities & Services
Duty Free Zone
Education & Training - (Maritime Subjects)
Education & Training (Maritime Subjects)
Electrical Servicing, Installation & Repairs
Engine & Mechanical Servicing, Installation & Repairs
Engineering Works & Service
Environmental & Geotechnical Engineering 
Export Packers
Fenders & Fendering Systems
Fibreglass Supplies & Services
Fiduciary Services
Financial Services - Advice & Assistance
Fire Prevention Systems
Fire Prevention Systems, Services & Equipment
Flag Makers
Flag Surveys
Flatbed Trailer Hire & Shipping
Food Supplies
Freight Brokers
Freight Forwarder
Freight Forwarders
Gas-Free Certification
Groupage Bond Operators
GRP Repairs
Health & Safety Consultancy & Equipment
Hoisting Services & Equipment
Immigration & Residency Advisory Services
Indoor and Outdoor furniture
Insurance Services & Broking
Leather Care & Protection
Legal Services
Lifting Equipment
LPG Conversions (Autogas)
Maintenance Products
Manpower Services
Marinas: Boats & Yachts
Marinas: Ships & larger vessels
Marine Batteries
Marine Chart Agents
Marine Corrosion analysis
Marine Engines
Marine Equipment, Supplies & Services
Marine Fuel & Lubricants
Marine Generators
Marine joinery works
Marine Litigation
Marine Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
Marine Repair Services (ELEC.)
Marine Repair Services (MECH.)
Marine Safety Equipment
Marine Sundry Suppliers
Maritime Consultancy
Mattress Sterilisation
Mattress Washing
Medical / Seafarer Medicals
Medical & First Aid Supplies
Mooring & Buoyage Systems & Installation
Mortgage Registration
Natural Stone Surfaces
Naval Architectural & Design Services
Naval Engineering
Nominee & Consultancy Services
Office Rental
Offshore Banking Services
Offshore Ship Supply Services
Oil Industry Services
Oil Terminal
Oilfield Services
Osmosis Treatments
Overseas Removals
Paint, Varnishes & Ancillary Products
Painting / Blasting Services
Passenger / Car Ferry Services
Personnel Transport
Pest Control
Petroleum Inspectors
Pick & Pack Services
Port Agency
Project Cargo
Provision of Registered Address
PVC Rubber & Metal Tubing
Quality Management Systems Certification
Reefer Trailer
Removal & Disposal of Waste Oils / Bilge Water / Ballast
Renewable & Alternative Energy Solutions
Risk Management Consultants
Rubber Dinghies, RIBS / RHIBs & Outboards
Sailing Schools
Salvage operation Services
Sanitary Ware Fixtures
Sea & Ocean Freight Services
Security & Risk Consultancy Services (Marine)
Security Systems & Services
Services & Equipment
Ship & Crew Management
Ship Agency
Ship Brokers
Ship Chandlers (& Supplies)
Ship Charterers
Ship Finance - Advice & Assistance
Ship Management
Ship Owners
Ship Registration
Ship Repairs
Ship Sale & Purchase
Ship to Ship Transfer
Ship to Ship Transfer (Petroleum)
Ship to Shore Handlings Agents
Ship Yards
Shipping Agents
Shipping Lines
Social Security and Payroll
Stainless Steel Works
Steel Fabrication
Storage & Warehousing Facilities
Storage of Petroleum Products
Subsea Maintenance
Survey & Consultancy Services
Technical Consultancy
Terminal Operators
Tow Bars
Towage Services & Equipment
Trademarks & Patent Registration
Trailer Operators
Tramp & Tanker Agency
Transaction Advisory Services
Transhipment Services
Travel Services
Tug Boats
Turbocharging Services
Underwater Construction work, Services & Certification
Underwater Services, Equipment & Repairs
Underwater Surveys & Inspections
Underwater Video, Photography & CCTV
Upholstery & Canvas Works
Upholstery Cleaning
Waste Management Services & Equipment
Water Pumps
Water Suppliers
Water Tanks
Watersports Equipment
Yacht Agents
Yacht Brokers
Yacht Care Services
Yacht Cleaning
Yacht Hire & Charter Services
Yacht Importation
Yacht Joinery
Yacht Management
Yacht Painters
Yacht Registration
Yacht Repair Services
Yacht Repairs
Yacht Riggers
Yacht Sails Agents, Manufacturers & Repairs
Yacht Surveys

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