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Accommodation Providers
Accounting, Auditing, Tax & Vat Consultancy
Administration & Secretarial Services
Air Freight Services
Aircraft Finance, Advice & Assistance
Aircraft Registration
Airport, Airfield Operations, Air Traffic Services
Architecture & Interior Design (Marine)
Asset Holding Structures
Associations & Fora
Aviation Services
Banking Services
Barge Services
Berthing Services
Boat Agents
Boat Building & Repairs
Boat Canopies & Covers
Boat Fittings
Boat Haulage
Boat Lifting
Boat Rentals
Boat Storage
Boat Trailers
Boat Yards
Breathing Air Compressors & Maintenance
Bulk Fuel Supplier
Bunkering Services
Car Hire
Cargo Carriers
Cargo Handling Contractors
Cargo Handling Equipment
Cargo Superintendents
Cargo Surveyors
Carpet Cleaning
Carriage of Fuel by Land & Sea
Casualty & Loss Adjusting Services
Catering Services
Chartering Agents
Classification Societies
Cleaning Services
Clothing Suppliers
Company Formation & Liquidation
Compass Adjusters
Conference Facilities
Consolidation & Distritbuion
Container & Transport Operators
Container Repairs & Refurbishment
Container Storage
Container Terminal Facilities
Containers - Offshore
Conveyance Operators
Corporate Management
Corporate Services
Courier Services
Crane Services
Crew Certification
Crew Contracts
Cruise Liner Agents
Curtain Cleaning
Custom-made Molds
Customs Brokers / Agents
Destination Management Services
Direct Ship-to-Ship Transfer
Discharging / Loading Assistance to Vessels
DIstripark Facilities
Diving Supplies & Services
Docking & Slipping Facilities & Services
Duty Free Zone
Education & Training - (Maritime Subjects)
Education & Training (Maritime Subjects)
Electrical Servicing, Installation & Repairs
Engine & Mechanical Servicing, Installation & Repairs
Engineering Works & Service
Environmental & Geotechnical Engineering 
Export Packers
Fenders & Fendering Systems
Fibreglass Supplies & Services
Fiduciary Services
Financial Services - Advice & Assistance
Fire Prevention Systems
Fire Prevention Systems, Services & Equipment
Flag Makers
Flag Surveys
Flatbed Trailer Hire & Shipping
Food Supplies
Freight Brokers
Freight Forwarder
Freight Forwarders
Gas-Free Certification
Groupage Bond Operators
GRP Repairs
Health & Safety Consultancy & Equipment
Hoisting Services & Equipment
Immigration & Residency Advisory Services
Indoor and Outdoor furniture
Insurance Services & Broking
Leather Care & Protection
Legal Services
Lifting Equipment
LPG Conversions (Autogas)
Maintenance Products
Manpower Services
Marinas: Boats & Yachts
Marinas: Ships & larger vessels
Marine Batteries
Marine Chart Agents
Marine Corrosion analysis
Marine Engines
Marine Equipment, Supplies & Services
Marine Fuel & Lubricants
Marine Generators
Marine joinery works
Marine Litigation
Marine Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
Marine Repair Services (ELEC.)
Marine Repair Services (MECH.)
Marine Safety Equipment
Marine Sundry Suppliers
Maritime Consultancy
Mattress Sterilisation
Mattress Washing
Medical / Seafarer Medicals
Medical & First Aid Supplies
Mooring & Buoyage Systems & Installation
Mortgage Registration
Natural Stone Surfaces
Naval Architectural & Design Services
Naval Engineering
Nominee & Consultancy Services
Office Rental
Offshore Banking Services
Offshore Ship Supply Services
Oil Industry Services
Oil Terminal
Oilfield Services
Osmosis Treatments
Overseas Removals
Paint, Varnishes & Ancillary Products
Painting / Blasting Services
Passenger / Car Ferry Services
Personnel Transport
Pest Control
Petroleum Inspectors
Pick & Pack Services
Port Agency
Project Cargo
Provision of Registered Address
PVC Rubber & Metal Tubing
Quality Management Systems Certification
Reefer Trailer
Removal & Disposal of Waste Oils / Bilge Water / Ballast
Renewable & Alternative Energy Solutions
Risk Management Consultants
Rubber Dinghies, RIBS / RHIBs & Outboards
Sailing Schools
Salvage operation Services
Sanitary Ware Fixtures
Sea & Ocean Freight Services
Security & Risk Consultancy Services (Marine)
Security Systems & Services
Services & Equipment
Ship & Crew Management
Ship Agency
Ship Brokers
Ship Chandlers (& Supplies)
Ship Charterers
Ship Finance - Advice & Assistance
Ship Management
Ship Owners
Ship Registration
Ship Repairs
Ship Sale & Purchase
Ship to Ship Transfer (Petroleum)
Ship to Shore Handlings Agents
Ship Yards
Shipping Agents
Shipping Lines
Social Security and Payroll
Stainless Steel Works
Steel Fabrication
Storage & Warehousing Facilities
Storage of Petroleum Products
Subsea Maintenance
Survey & Consultancy Services
Technical Consultancy
Terminal Operators
Tow Bars
Towage Services & Equipment
Trademarks & Patent Registration
Trailer Operators
Tramp & Tanker Agency
Transaction Advisory Services
Transhipment Services
Travel Services
Tug Boats
Turbocharging Services
Underwater Construction work, Services & Certification
Underwater Services, Equipment & Repairs
Underwater Surveys & Inspections
Underwater Video, Photography & CCTV
Upholstery & Canvas Works
Upholstery Cleaning
Waste Management Services & Equipment
Water Pumps
Water Suppliers
Water Tanks
Watersports Equipment
Yacht Agents
Yacht Brokers
Yacht Care Services
Yacht Cleaning
Yacht Hire & Charter Services
Yacht Importation
Yacht Joinery
Yacht Management
Yacht Painters
Yacht Registration
Yacht Repair Services
Yacht Repairs
Yacht Riggers
Yacht Sails Agents, Manufacturers & Repairs
Yacht Surveys

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