Brand Description Supplier Declared Exclusive Agents
Catenificio Rigamonti Rigging Accessories A. Ferriggi Company Ltd Exclusive
Climax S.A Safety Equipment A. Ferriggi Company Ltd Exclusive
Lewer Safety Shoes A. Ferriggi Company Ltd Exclusive
Rex Drills A. Ferriggi Company Ltd Exclusive
Stanley Workwear Safety Workwear A. Ferriggi Company Ltd Exclusive
Lalizas Marine Equipment A. Ferriggi Company Ltd  
ABB Turbocharging ABB S.p.A Exclusive
AXA PPP healthcare Health Insurance Atlas Insurance PCC Ltd Exclusive
Zspars Masts and spars Club Services MaltaExclusive
Freewinds Boats & Boat Accessories Suppliers Club Services Malta Exclusive
Hyde Sails UK Sails Club Services Malta Exclusive
N V Outdoor Protection Equipment Club Services Malta Exclusive
Sunsail Int Worldwide Sailing Holidays and Brokerage Club Services Malta Exclusive
The Mooring Sailing Vacations Sailing Vacations and Brokerage Club Services Malta Exclusive
Climma Marine Air-conditioning Cutrico Marine Exclusive
Condaria Marine Air-conditioning Cutrico Marine Exclusive
CruisAir Marine Air-conditioning Cutrico Marine Exclusive
Dometic Marine Air-conditioning, Refrigeration & Sanitation Systems Cutrico Marine Exclusive
F.E.I.T. Pompe Pumps Cutrico Marine Exclusive
Frigoboat Marine Refrigeration Cutrico Marine Exclusive
Isotherm Marine Refrigeration Cutrico Marine Exclusive
MarineAir Marine Air-conditioning Cutrico Marine Exclusive
Sealand Sanitation Systems Cutrico Marine Exclusive
Tecnicomar Marine water makers & reverse osmosis Cutrico Marine Exclusive
Trac Maintenance chemicals Cutrico Marine Exclusive
Webasto Marine Air-conditioning Cutrico Marine Exclusive
Bluesea Systems Marine electrical components Fabian Enterprises Ltd Exclusive
Distrelec Industrial and Electrical components distribution. Fabian Enterprises Ltd Exclusive
Dolphin Marine Battery Chargers Fabian Enterprises Ltd Exclusive
Pacer Marine wire and cable. Fabian Enterprises Ltd Exclusive
Shakespeare V-Tronix Marine Antennas Fabian Enterprises Ltd Exclusive
Standard Horizon Communications Fabian Enterprises Ltd Exclusive
Sutars DC plugs and sockets for marine and recreational vehicles. Fabian Enterprises Ltd Exclusive
SCOUT Marine Antennas Fabian Enterprises Ltd  
Hochiki Fire Detection Firetech LtdExclusive
Blue Ray Marine Boating Security Systems Firetech Ltd Exclusive
Fike FM 200 Fire Suppression Systems Firetech Ltd Exclusive
Firetrace Automatic Fire Extinguishing Systems Firetech Ltd Exclusive
MSA Italiana Spa Breathing Apparatus & Escape Sets Firetech Ltd Exclusive
Seaguard Italnodi Zinc and aluminium anodes, chains and anchors Gauci Borda & Co LtdExclusive
Adria Bandiere Flags, flag poles and accessories Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Allen Brothers Dinghy and boat hardware and blocks Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Ap Lifting Gear & Equipment Wire ropes, shackles & lifting hardware Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Aquapac Waterproof covers for mobiles, cameras etc. Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Baggerman Hose pipes (all types) & hose clamps Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Barton Marine Deck hardware and blocks etc. Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Besto Redding Life-jackets and buoyancy aids Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Blue Performance Boat bags, covers and deck accessories Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Blue Wave Rigging and deck hardware Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Boatlife (Life Industries) Marine silicones & boat cleaners and polishes Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Botalo Deck shoes Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
C-System Epoxy glues for marine applications Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Captain Currey Pocket knives Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Captain Tolley Fine cracks sealer Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Ciret Paint brushes, rollers and related products Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Clamcleats Rope cleats Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Coltech Non-slip deck paint Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Dan Fender Fenders and buoys Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Davey & Co. London Caulking cotton and classic boat fittings Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Dolphin Wear Clothing and uniforms Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Don Quichotte Brass and stainless nails, expanding plugs etc Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Duralac Jointing compound Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Elsan Toilet chemical sanitation Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Everest Stainless boat fittings and hinges Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Fabory Export Fasteners Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Felco Wire rope cutters Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Fendercovers Worldwide Fender covers Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Gebu Brass and stainless steel screws and hardware Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
GF srl Water spray guns and accessories Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Gill Marine Marine clothing Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Hiatt Hardware General hardware Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Hipkiss Brass chain and fittings Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Holland Yacht Equipment Blocks and sheaves Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Imray Nautical charts, pilot books and guides Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Isagi Non-slip fabric Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
JCS Hi-Torque Hose clips Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Joubert Elastic cable and stretch cords Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
King Snaps Stainless marine hardware Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Klingspor Abrasives Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Kroon Ship hardware suppliers Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Laser Performance Sailing dinghies Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Lederer Fasteners and screws Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Lewmar Blocks, winches, windlasses, bow-thrusters & accessories Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Liros Hi-tech yachting ropes Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Lukas-Erzett Cutting and grinding discs Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Maggi Catene Calibrated chains – galvanised steel and stainless steel Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Marine Business SA Tableware for boats Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Marine Town Marine fittings and boat accessories Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Navisafe Portable navigation lights Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Olcese Ricci Marine fitting and accessories – brass and stainless steel Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Optiparts Marine Equipment Parts and accessories for optimist and laser dinghies Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Osculati Marine chandlery and all types of boat accessories Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Ospho Rust treatment Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Ossian Brass fasteners Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Pai Boat Italia Fibreglass cutting and polishing products Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Panzera Flares for boats Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
PEEK Metal and general purpose polish Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
PSP Marine Tapes Adhesive tapes for marine applications & general use Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Rylard Marine varnish and paints Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Sea Power Boat cleaners and polishes Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Sidermarine Mooring springs Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Spinnaker Marine varnish and paints Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Swobbit Wash brushes, blades, handles and accessories Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Tef Gel Sealants Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
TR.EM Marine chandlery and all types of boat accessories Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Unimer Plast + Gummi Rubber Mooring Springs Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Vetus Bow-thrusters and wide ranger of quality boat equipment Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Wichard Shackles, blocks and top quality marine hardware Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Windex Development Wind Indicators for boats Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Wireteknik Rigging and swaging fittings Gauci Borda & Co Ltd Exclusive
Epifanes Varnishes and paints Varnishes and paints Varnishes and paints Varnishes and paints Gauci Borda & Co Ltd  
Lalizas Marine chandlery and safety equipment Gauci Borda & Co Ltd  
Loctite Industrial glues and adhesives etc. Gauci Borda & Co Ltd  
Plastimo Marine chandlery and all types of boat accessories Gauci Borda & Co Ltd  
Marlin Antifoulings,primers,anti-osmosis,topside finishes International Marine Centre LtdExclusive
Magma Gas/charcoal marine bbqs and accessories International Marine Centre Ltd 
Zetagi Marine automatic battery chargers and inverters International Marine Centre Ltd 
Aqua signal Navigation/interior/exterior lights International Marine Centre Ltd Exclusive
Flojet Bilge/pressure/circulation pumps International Marine Centre Ltd Exclusive
Jabsco Bilge/pressure/cooling pumps,toilets,blowers,search-lights International Marine Centre Ltd Exclusive
Lofrans Windlasses,capstans International Marine Centre Ltd Exclusive
Maggi Stainless steel/galvanised calibrated chain International Marine Centre Ltd Exclusive
Matromarine Bilge/pressure/oil/circulation pumps ,toilets International Marine Centre Ltd Exclusive
Polyform U.S. Fenders and buoys International Marine Centre Ltd Exclusive
Solar Technology Marine Solar panels & accessories International Marine Centre Ltd Exclusive
Vitrifrigo Marine fridges & freezers,air conditioning International Marine Centre Ltd Exclusive
Can Stainless steel gas hobs,stoves,ovens,bbqs,sinks,bow rollers,trim tabs International Marine Centre Ltd  
Can-SB Fuel & fresh/waste water tanks and accessories International Marine Centre Ltd  
Micron Navigation chart instruments International Marine Centre Ltd  
Nasa Navigation Instruments International Marine Centre Ltd  
Osculati General marine equipment and accessories International Marine Centre Ltd  
Ritchie Magnetic compasses International Marine Centre Ltd  
Rule Bilge/livewell pumps,blowers International Marine Centre Ltd  
Sigmar Marine stainless steel calorifiers International Marine Centre Ltd  
Tr.Em Bilge/pressure/cooling pumps,toilets,blowers,search-lights International Marine Centre Ltd  
Trem General marine equipment and accessories International Marine Centre Ltd  
Vdo Marine guages,sensors,engine monitoring & navigation International Marine Centre Ltd  
Weller Industrial soldering equipment and tools International Marine Centre Ltd  
Whale Bilge/pressure/toilet pumps International Marine Centre Ltd  
Xunzel Marine solar panels & accessories International Marine Centre Ltd  
Folch Ropes Ropes KS Shipping Malta Ltd Exclusive
Cristec Marine Electrical Equipment & Components Malta Yachting LtdExclusive
Eco-Systems Watermakers Efficient Water Makers & Reverse-Osmosis Systems Malta Yachting Ltd Exclusive
Elvstrom Sails Cruising & Racing Quality Sails Malta Yachting Ltd Exclusive
Facnor Yacht Rigging and Spars Malta Yachting Ltd Exclusive
NV Equipment Quality Canvas Fittings Malta Yachting Ltd Exclusive
Sparcraft Yacht Rigging and Spars Malta Yachting Ltd Exclusive
Awlgrip Yacht Paints Melita Marine Ltd Exclusive
Shrink All kinds of Thermoplastic material Melita Marine Ltd Exclusive
Tesa All kinds of tapes Melita Marine Ltd Exclusive
Alfa Laval Filtration System Melita Power Diesel Exclusive
Detroit Diesel Engines high and medium speed diesel and gas engines Melita Power Diesel Exclusive
MTU high and medium speed diesel and gas engines Melita Power Diesel Exclusive
Rolls Royce Power Systems Power solutions for all types of engines Melita Power Diesel Exclusive
Scania high and medium speed diesel and gas engines Melita Power Diesel Exclusive
Hoffman Group Leading system partners for quality Tools Motherwell Bridge Industries Ltd Exclusive
Humphree Stabilizers and Interceptors Motherwell Bridge Industries Ltd Exclusive
Konecranes Lifting Equipment, gantry cranes, stacking cranes, stackers, empty handlers and straddle carriers Motherwell Bridge Industries Ltd Exclusive
Alfa Laval Heat Exchangers Motherwell Bridge Industries Ltd  
Allison Transmissions Transmissions Motherwell Bridge Industries Ltd  
Tranter Heat Exchangers Motherwell Bridge Industries Ltd  
Volvo Engines – Approved Service Agent Motherwell Bridge Industries Ltd  
Northstar recreational and professional composite hill RIBS between 8ft and 40ft (2.5 – 12m), and Aluminum Workboats and RIBs up to 60ft (18m) MSGT – Marine Services Global Trade Exclusive
Admiralty Maritime Data Solutions Providing global hydrographic and geospatial information to help you make informed maritime decisions Neptune Navigation Ltd  
Banks Sails Italia full range of racing and cruising sails, including the patented MEMBRANE sails Sailpower Ltd Exclusive
Boston Whaler Where most fishing boats lack comfort, and most pleasure boats lack fishing features, Boston Whaler provides both at the most premium level. Sailpower Ltd Exclusive
Riviera Yachts Riviera is a well-established boat brand in the marine industry, manufacturing boats that span in size from 24 feet to 72 feet. Sailpower Ltd Exclusive
X-Yachts X-Yachts is a long-established yacht builder in the boating world. Sailpower Ltd Exclusive
CEF IMPELLERS Impellers Stuart Marine Centre Exclusive
FINEDIN Antifouling Paints Stuart Marine Centre Exclusive
ITALWINCH Electric Winches Stuart Marine Centre Exclusive
JENSEN MARINE AUDIO Marine Stereo Speakers and accessories Stuart Marine Centre Exclusive
MAVIMARE AND MANCINI Hydraulic Steering Systems and Accessories Stuart Marine Centre Exclusive
MZ ELECTRONIC Battery Chargers and Accessories Stuart Marine Centre Exclusive
OC SAFE NANOTECH Antifouling and Marine Spray Paint Stuart Marine Centre Exclusive
SADIRA Cleaning and Maintenance Products Stuart Marine Centre Exclusive
Adeco Hypalon and PVC Glue Stuart Marine Centre  
Albatross Flares and Pyrotechnics Stuart Marine Centre  
Bennet Boat Trim Tabs Stuart Marine Centre  
Boatasy GHOOK Easy Mooring Stuart Marine Centre  
Bomar Hatches Stuart Marine Centre  
Can di Mauro Bellini Cookers and Sinks Stuart Marine Centre  
CAN SB Fuel, Water Tanks and accessories Stuart Marine Centre  
Climma Marine Airconditioning Stuart Marine Centre  
Coelmo Marine Generators Stuart Marine Centre  
Eval Boat Accessories and Parts Stuart Marine Centre  
FAGK Pump Engine Water Pumps Stuart Marine Centre  
Fell Marine Wireless Keel Cords Stuart Marine Centre  
Fendress Fender Covers Stuart Marine Centre  
Garmin GPS and Electronics Stuart Marine Centre  
Gisatex GMBH Marine Flooring and Decking Stuart Marine Centre  
GME EPIRBS Stuart Marine Centre  
Guidi SRL Brass/Bronze Plumbing and General Fittings Stuart Marine Centre  
HFL Marine Generators Stuart Marine Centre  
International Paints Antifouling Stuart Marine Centre  
Isotherm Refrigerators and Parts Stuart Marine Centre  
Lalizas Marine Safety Boat Equipment Stuart Marine Centre  
Lofrans Electric Winches Stuart Marine Centre  
Magma Marine Boat Barbeque Stuart Marine Centre  
Martyr Zinc Anodes Stuart Marine Centre  
Matromarine Toilets and Water Pumps Stuart Marine Centre  
Max Power Bow Thrusters Stuart Marine Centre  
Multiflex Steering Systems, Cables, Control Boxes Stuart Marine Centre  
Navicom VHF Stuart Marine Centre  
Ocean Fenders Stuart Marine Centre  
Ocean Signal Marine Electronics Safety Stuart Marine Centre  
Osculati Boat Accessories and Parts Stuart Marine Centre  
Polyform Fenders Stuart Marine Centre  
Riviera Steering Systems, Marine Compasses Stuart Marine Centre  
Sea Safe Liferafts Stuart Marine Centre  
Seacurity Liferafts Stuart Marine Centre  
Seago Liferafts Stuart Marine Centre  
SCOUT Marine Antennas Stuart Marine Centre  
ST Marine Ribs and Inflatables Stuart Marine Centre  
Tessilmare Boat Fendering and Canopies Stuart Marine Centre  
TREM SRL Boat Accessories and Parts Stuart Marine Centre  
Xunzel Solar Panels and Inverters Stuart Marine Centre  
Caterpillar Caterpillar is the marine industry’s leading provider of medium- and high-speed marine diesel engines, auxiliary engines and generators. United Equipment Co. (UNEC) Ltd Exclusive
Cummins Cummins offers a complete line of variable speed propulsion solutions for the challenges of commercial, government and recreational marine applications. United Equipment Co. (UNEC) Ltd Exclusive
Cummins Onan Cummins Onan generators are engineered for quiet, reliable auxiliary power. United Equipment Co. (UNEC) Ltd Exclusive
Valvoline Valvoline™ is a leading global producer and distributor of high quality lubricants. United Equipment Co. (UNEC) Ltd Exclusive
WhisperPower WhisperPower is an international leader in modern (hybrid) energy systems. WhisperPower silent generators and power systems are used worldwide onboard yachts and commercial vessels. United Equipment Co. (UNEC) Ltd Exclusive